Contemporary Art and Social Change

Kim Rice is teaching a graduate seminar entitled “Art and Social Change” at Oklahoma University as part of the 2019-2020 Oklahoma Scholar-Leadership Enrichment Program. The course runs October 2nd through October 6th and features guest presentations from several artists and other figures active in the Oklahoma art community.

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New work at Artspace (solo show)

Kim Rice’s work will be featured at the Artspace gallery in Richmond, Virginia in the fall of 2019. The solo exhibition, which runs from September 27 through October 20, 2019, will include new work not previously shown.

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Materials Hard and Soft – Fourth place

Kim Rice’s redlining work was awarded fourth place at the 32nd annual international juried craft exhibition put on by the Greater Denton Arts Council in Denton, Texas. Juried by Janet McCall, the show begins February 1st, 2019 and runs through March 4th.

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Data: BIG/-driven/Visualized…

The spring 2019 exhibition “Data: BIG/-driven/Visualized…” will include selections of Kim Rice’s work with redlining maps. Put on by North Illinois University Art Museum in DeKalb, Illinois, the show is guest curated by Richard Siegesmund, a professor of Art and Design Education with a focus on “the design of data reports that promote thoughtful public reflection and discussion.” The show dates are March 28 - May 17, 2019

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White Side and The Divide at the Delaware Art Museum

Kim Rice’s large works White Side and The Divide will be installed at the Delaware Art Museum throughout the fall and winter of this year. The museum's Juried Craft Exhibition opens October 20, 2018 and continues through January 27, 2019.

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O’Donnell Heights mural

Kim is the lead artist for a community-wide mural celebrating O’Donnell in Baltimore, MD.

Foundry Art Centre, Micro/Macro

Work by Kim Rice will be at the Foundry Art Centre in St. Charles, Missouri as part of the exhibit Micro Macro, juried by metalsmith Peg Fetter. The show “will display two opposites: one half focusing on small works (micro) and the other half focusing on works larger than 48 inches (macro).” The opening reception on Friday, August 17 is free and open to the public.

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And Now for Something New, White Linen Night

And Now for Something New, a new juried art exhibit hosted by LeMieux Galleries, will include work by Kim Rice. The show opens on Saturday, August 4 during the art district's annual White Linen Night. From their announcement: “This year's jurors are premier illustrator and classical realist painter, Michael Deas and interdisciplinary artist, curator and educator Jan Gilbert.” The show runs through the end of September, 2018.

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Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, No Dead Artists

Kim Rice’s latest redlining work has been selected for the 22nd annual NO DEAD ARTISTS exhibit, an “International Juried Exhibition of Contemporary Art” held at the Jonathan Ferrara gallery in downtown New Orleans. The show opens August 29 and runs through September 28, 2018.

Video courtesy of Jonathan Ferrara Gallery

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Prospect Satellite

This year’s Prospect New Orleans will include new work from Kim Rice—a 1000-square-foot fiber-art installation—as part of its triennial Satellite program. Prospect.4: The Lotus in Spite of the Swamp will feature works from a wide variety of artists exploring the creation of beauty from darkness and struggle. The show opens November 18th and runs through May 2018.

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Red,White + Blue

Several of Kim Rice’s works will be showing this spring at Red,White + Blue a national exhibition juried by Camilo Alvarez. The selection will include work from both her magazine and redlining series. The show opens March 16, 2018 and runs through April 20. Opening reception Friday, March 16 at the Brookline Arts Center in Brookline, Massachusetts.

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Kim Rice’s work “Redlining” will appear in the in the Jodee Harris Gallery at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania as part of a collaboration with the Society for Contemporary Craft. The exhibit takes place October 26th through November 21st, 2017.

Fantastic Fibers

Kim Rice’s large-scale work White Side will be installed at the Yeiser Art Center in Paducah, Kentucky. Fantastic Fibers is “an international juried exhibition that seeks to showcase a wide range of outstanding works related to the fiber medium.” This catalog show is put on every April.

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Fictive Selves of Color

Several works from Kim Rice’s series White issues will be on display at the OU Lightwell Gallery as part of the exhibit “Fictive Selves of Color.” The show, presented by the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, “explores how different colors and races contribute to Aesthetics and Ethics in society” and runs from March 6th – 24th.

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24 Works on Paper

A map from Kim Rice’s redlining series has been selected for the biennial “24 Works on Paper,” a travelling exhibition of paper-based work by contemporary artists. The show runs through the end of January 2018. See the web site for the schedule.

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It Took A While

Kim Rice’s 11'×19' installation White Side will be exhibited this November at the Harry Wood Gallery in Tempe, Arizona, as part of the Fiber Arts Network's 2016 catalog show It Took A While. The opening reception is Tuesday, November 8.

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On September 23, Kim Rice will be among the artists auctioning their work at this year’s 12×12, an annual event held by the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition. Open to the public starting at 7pm.

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Curator’s Choice Award

Kim Rice’s redlining installation won the Curator's Choice Award in the 2016 Concept/Survey show curated by Adam Welch. The exhibition is showing through through July 23rd at the Hardesty Art Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Kim Rice is a Finalist for the New Orleans Art Council Direct Purchase award. Her work will be shown during the Art+Architecture Forum in New Orleans on May 5th.

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Noche Cubana!

Two of Kim Rice's pieces will be auctioned off at Noche Cubana!, a celebration of Cuban arts and culture, including music, dance, art, and comedy. The event takes place on Saturday, April 2, at Mainsite gallery in Norman, Oklahoma.

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Public Narrative: Story of Self, us & Now

Kim Rice's work is being shown at Mainsite gallery in Norman, OK as part of the exhibition Public Narrative: Story of Self, Us, & Now, a show curated by the 2015 Oklahoma Art Writing and Curatorial Fellows to "highlight the complexity of our stories as we look inward, to the community, and finally, to the future." (source). February 12 — March 11, 2016

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Concept/Focus Finalist

Kim Rice is a finalist in the upcoming Concept/Focus, a triennial curated group exhibition of new work by 4 Oklahoma artists and 4 artists from a partner city in the region.

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No Dead Artists

Kim Rice's work is being shown at the Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in New Orleans as part of the 19th annual NO DEAD ARTISTS, an international juried exhibition of contemporary art. September 2 – 26, 2015

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Art Focus

Kim Rice is featured in the September/October issue of Art Focus Magazine.

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Seven-State Biennial Exhibition

Kim Rice's work will be shown at the Seven-States Biennial Exhibition, opening September 26 at USAO's Nesbitt Gallery. The show will travel to the Charles B. Goddard center in Ardmore and closes out in the Musesum of the Red River in Idabel, Oklahoma on November 4.

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New Work

Tell the truth, to yourself and to the children — Maya Angelou

Like many Americans I was taught the story of the United States growing up—great founding fathers, equality for all, and hard work creates wealth—the American Dream. And while there is some truth to this narrative it left out a large part of history, creating a disconnect in the America I experienced as a young adult.

By researching the construction of race in our country and my family lineage: immigrants from Sweden in the 1900s, and Irish and English settlers reaching back to the 1600s, the divisions and inconsistencies I experienced began to make sense. Stolen land, the Virginia Slave Codes, the Naturalization Act, Supreme Court cases that decided who was white, Jim Crow Laws, and Redlining… America was built to benefit white people (even as those who were considered white continually changed).

The truth is often held hostage to whatever we accept and believe; therein lies the tension and the conflict. This work dismantles and reconstructs the dissonance we experience in our engagement with truth. School and academic references, family photographs, redlining maps, court documents, and furniture from my home create a space where both the past and present reside. Woven, sewn, and linked together, my work repeats pieces of truth over and over so connections can be made and intentional conversations started. To have a just and equitable country for all people we must first understand our history.

Kim Rice

Founding Fathers

Image of US Presidents, Virginia slave codes
36" x 24"

Naturalization Act of 1790

Link to Naturalization Act of 1790

US map and ink
5½' × 4½'


Redlining maps, my ancestors’ photographs, and the Naturalization Act of 1790
4½' x 5½'


Canvas, ribbon
3' x 3'

Family Quilt

Ghosts of Our Past

Family documents
24" × 36"

Family Values

219 butterflies made from the 1810 US Census that stated 219 humans to be my family’s property.

5' x 5'

Family Values 2

Last will and testament of William Venable, colonies map. Dimensions vary

Secrets of American History

Woven magazines
10½" x 8"